1What kind of mango we use?
We use only 'Nam-Dok-Mai' (น้ำดอกไม้) which is grown and originated from Thailand. It is well-known for strong and pleasant aroma with very delightful sweetness. That is why our mango menus are different from the others ;)
2Why we have fresh mangos all year round?
Because we source fresh mangos from many of our trusty orchards. The cost of these mangos may vary throughout the year. It can rise up very high when out of season. Still, we try our best to offer our menu at the same price so that you can enjoy our mango treats anytime you like.
3Do we have branches in another country?
No, we don’t have any branch outside of Thailand. If you find “Mango Tango” somewhere else, it is not an authentic one.
4How to have my photo to be featured on this website?
Simply put the hashtags #mymangotango or #mangotangothailand on your instagram pictures, and we will feature them on our Instagram section at the bottom of each page.
5Do we have any online shop?
We have lots of cool souvenir items and yummy dried fruit products at our café. But we’d rather have you come visit us to see and try them by yourself :)